• forget hi-fi...
  • remember music.

Hand crafted in the heart of Europe


The living proof that an audio equipment can make recorded music, engraved in bits or grooves, come alive – audio holography at its best.

Discover them

Precise, neutral and uncoloured music? Shouldn’t it be thrilling, enchanting or spellbinding? Just for the sheer pleasure of it…


The evergreen presenters of the classic Heed atmosphere. Thick and warm and real, like a thunderous concert.

Observe them

  • 316 Parts
  • 2 Channels of music
  • 1 Obelisk Si
  • 1001 Pleasures


One of our best magic potions, brewed from the greatest Heed values. An essence of our world, to pleasure all your senses.

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No superfluous technical mumbo-jumbo from us. Listen and discern yourself.


Unbeatable value per square metre. Tiny accessories that enhance your system with quality building blocks for nearly every task.

Examine them

Listen. Enjoy. And when you nailed into your chair for hours with a big grin on your face then you’ll know it is the real thing.


Even the greatest thoughts become faded without proper presentation. These loudspeakers are the spokesmen of our ideas, making exceptional fusion with Heed electronics.

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    +36 1 294 7401

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    Heed Audio Kft. (Ltd.)

    PO Box 45

    H-1676 Budapest


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